REVIEW 6 New Android Games That You Shouldn't Miss This Week #35

January 03, 2019

6 New Android Games That You Shouldn't Miss This Week #35

Title : 6 New Android Games That You Shouldn't Miss This Week #35
Publish : 01 09 2018 - 13:03:05
Review : By Youtube6 New Android Games That You Shouldn't Miss This Week #35

1. King Of Hunters
King of hunters - fight against numerous enemies. Skillfully apply swords, bows, knives, shields and other medieval weapons and win. Try to survive during the endless battles in the streets of the ancient city in this Android game. Jump from the dragon and land a random point of the map. Look around to find a sword, a shield or other items of outfit. Find enemies and attack. Arrange traps and ambushes for enemies applying objects you will find. Jump on the roofs, climb walls and perform other stunts.

2. Rocket of Whispers: Prologue
Rocket of whispers: Prologue - take a young girl across the civilization ruins. Help her escape from the dungeon and complete an important mission. Fei Lin, tge main heroine of this Android game, woke up after a long sleep in a hibernation pod. Mankind was destroyed by a global disaster. The heroine is going to escape from the vast dungeon where her hibernation pod was placed. Take Fei along the dark corridors and across the gloomy halls. Find useful objects, fix broken mechanisms and solve logic tasks.

3. Mighty Army : World War 2
Mighty army: World war 2 - take part in combat actions on the battle fields of the World War II. Apply various weapons and defeat strong opponents. Demonstrate your accuracy, good reflexes and tactical skills in this Android game. Get ready for the tensed 4x4 battles against players from all over the world. Move across the map, dodge enemy fire, hide behind coverings, broken combat machinery and other objects. Shoot from the rifle or from other weapons, apply grenades. Interact with allies and win.

4. Golf Battle
Golf battle - hit against a golf ball and try to take it to the hole at minimum tries. Defeat strong opponents! Demonstrate your accuracy on the picturesque golf fields in this interesting Android game. Swipe the screen to choose the direction and force of the hit. Take the ball to the hole and get a reward. Compete with your friends in matches where up to six players can take part on the same field. Buy new balls having unique design. Unlock new levels and locations.

5. Burger Shop Madness
Burger shop kitchen. Madness: The fastest chef in town - cook tasty hamburgers for the clients of your restaurant. Don't make clients wait! Become the best chef in this merry Android game. Meet restaurant clients and cook dishes in the kitchen. Try to complete clients' orders as fast as possible and don't make mistakes in recipes. Satisfied clients will give you rewards and you can buy various equipment, furniture, decorations and other objects for your restaurant. Unlock new locations and new recipes.

6. Off-Road Travel: Ride to Hill
Off-road travel: Ride to hill - get into an offroader, truck or tractor. Rush along the hard tracks full of obstacles. Demonstrate your driving skills when going across the rough terrain in this Android game. Overcome steep hills, mud, sands, snow and so on. Go through the heaps of logs, boxes, water obstacles and other barriers. Apply a whim in critical situations. Unlock new maps with extreme driving conditions. Enlarge your collection of machinery and upgrade your vehicles.

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