Review 28 Best New Android Games of July 2018 | Playscore

October 04, 2018

28 Best New Android Games of July 2018 | Playscore

Title : 28 Best New Android Games of July 2018 | Playscore
Publish : 08 08 2018 - 01:00:00
Review : By YoutubeCheck out the complete list of games at
Listing the newly-released and newly PlayScored Android mobile games on the Google PlayStore.
Alto's Odyssey
Asphalt 9: Legends - 2018’s New Arcade Racing Game
Battleheart 2
Color Defense - Tower Defense TD
DERE EVIL EXE Meta Horror Pixel Platformer
Full Metal Jackpot
Furistas Cat Cafe
Fusion Heroes
Hello Neighbor
Hidden my game by mom 3
Isle of Skye: The Tactical Board Game
Keke Love Challenge
Look, Your Loot! - A card crawler
Love Island: The Game
Man-Eating Plant
Motorsport Manager Mobile 3
Pocket City
Rock of Destruction!
Slashy Knight
Super Starfish
Teen Titans GO Figure!
The Horus Heresy: Legions – TCG card battle game
Toy Crush Smash Cubes Pop
Wizard’s Words

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